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Whether you need to select or develop individuals in your own company or for a client, JvR Online is a self-managed portal that is extremely easy to setup and manage. It hosts a variety of very affordable local and international assessments, and the list is growing.

You don’t have to worry about extra fees, devices, contracts, report generation or waiting for our assistance. Everything is automatic and within your control.

Say you need to take 1 or 10 000 individuals through a selection battery

All you would have to do is:

  1. Create a project (5 minutes)
  2. Generate one link
  3. Write one email (10 minutes)
  4. Send it to your 1 or 10 000 test-takers
  5. Go get a coffee

Reports end up in your inbox automatically once an assessment is submitted. You pay only for the reports generated. There are no setup or other hidden fees. That’s it! The entire process should take you about 15 minutes.

Now you can sit back, relax and get back to your other priorities without having to worry about:

  • clients having to re-start their assessments (the system saves their progress),
  • credits (if you are an approved account client we charge you at the end of the month only for the reports you generated)
  • Generating reports (it’s done automatically, should you so choose.)

With your own subportal, the system gives you the freedom to setup projects and send assessments at any time. You can even export your data should you wish to run a research project.

Assessments on JvR Online are developed by top academics and distributors


All products on JvR Online have South African norms and more products are being added regularly.

Click here for a price list.


“JvR Online support is excellent”
– Danie du Toit
Senior Advisor Capability Development [Rio Tinto]
“I found the service provided by JVR very helpful and their assistance competent”
– Professor Adolf Lowies
Director of Research [Management College of Southern Africa]
“From a Psychometric Assessment point of view, my recently created JvR Online portal, is truly the best thing “since sliced bread”, that has happened to me; makes assessments really feel like a walk in the park and the system generated reports are very user friendly and during feedback sessions makes the practitioners work so much lighter. Keep it up JvR!!!!”
– Charles Persence
Sole Proprietor [CP Edpsychservices CC]

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  4. Set up a free training session with us (meeting or via telephone) where we can train you how to use the portal and answer any product related questions you might have.

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JvR Online Resources

Free Support Materials