JvR Psychometrics Terms and Conditions

Revised Date: 29 July 2015

A. General
1. JvR Psychometrics (Pty) Ltd.: Terms of Business
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Definitions
1.3 Terms of Business
1.4 Limitation of Liability and limited warranty
1.5 Client Responsibilities
1.6 Intellectual property and copyright
2. JvR Psychometrics: Processes and Procedures
2.1 In General: Professional Standards
2.2 Requesting Information on Assessments Distributed and Published by JvR Psychometrics
2.3 Ordering Test Material
2.4 Claims and Returns
2.5 Invoices and Payment
3. JvR Psychometrics: Client Services Scoring Service (Client Services e-scoring service)
3.1 Standard Assessment Procedures for Electronic Assessments
3.2 Client Services Scoring Process
3.3 Online, Software and other Electronically Derived Methods for Assessment Administration and Reporting
4. JvR Research
4.1 Applications for Research Support
4.2 Loan of Material
4.3 General Notes
5. Product Management
5.1 Submission Process
5.2 Review Process
5.3 Ownership


B. Information Technology, Electronic Services and Websites
1. Introduction
2. Websites
3. Intellectual Property Rights
3.1 Permitted Uses
3.2 Prohibited Uses
4. Warranties and Limitations on Liability
4.1 Links
4.2 Representations
5. Privacy and Security
5.1 We Collect Data for the Following Reasons
5.2 Cookies
5.3 How We Use Personal Information
5.4 We Ensure that your Data is Safe in the Following Ways
5.5 Changing or Correcting Information
5.6 Consent
5.7 JvR Online (JvRO’s) Terms of Use
5.8 Limitation of Liability
5.9 Entire Agreement and Counterparts
5.10 Resolution of Concerns
5.11 Changes to Policies


Relevant Legislation

The JvR Africa Group strives to be ethically responsible and legally compliant in everything we do. Specific attention is also given to the following legislation:

General Legislation
  1. Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997, as amended from time to time (http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/legislation/acts/basic-conditions-of-employment)
  2. Labour Relations Act 66 of 1995, as amended from time to time: (http://www.labour.gov.za/DOL/)
  3. King Report III as amended from time to time:(http://www.ngopulse.org/sites/default/files/king_code_of_governance_for_sa_2009_updated_june_2012.pdf)
  4. POPI Act (http://www.iact-africa.com/support-files/popiactdownloadnocharge.pdf)
Professional Legislation
  1. Health Professions Act 56 of 1974, as amended from time to time (http://www.hpcsa.co.za/)

A. General

1. JvR Psychometrics (Pty) Ltd.: Terms of Business Back To Top

1.1. Introduction
JvR Psychometrics (Pty) Ltd. (hereafter referred to as JvR Psychometrics) as a company, specialises in test development, test publishing, test distributing, scoring, research and psychological consulting. Known as Jopie van Rooyen & Partners SA Pty Ltd since 1993, the name of the company was changed to JvR Psychometrics on the 1st March 2013. JvR Psychometrics forms part of the JvR Africa Group of companies. The following represents the business terms and conditions of JvR Psychometrics.

1.2. Definitions
Unless the context clearly indicates the contrary, reference to any gender includes the other genders and reference to the singular includes the plural and vice versa. In these terms, the following shall have the following meanings:

  • “Accreditation Training” means an international or national training event which, only, once successfully completed, allows the delegate access to a test, assessment or methodology.
  • “APA” refers to the American Psychological Association.
  • “Assessment Taker” means an individual who takes, or will take, or has taken an Assessment.
  • “Assessment” means an instrument, questionnaire or battery or series of tests that are completed by an Assessment Taker in view of the preparation of a Report or to provide information about a Test Administrator.
  • “Best Practice” means adhering to South African and international ethical and professional principles of assessment use (refer for instance to the Health Professions Council of South Africa, American Psychological Association, The British Psychological Association or the International Test Commission guidelines).
  • “Client Services Scoring Service” means a service which provides the scoring of test instruments.
  • “Certification Training” means a voluntary training event which provides technical and practical information on a test.
  • “Consulting Services” refers to specific forms of consulting work done by JvR Psychometrics and may include advising on assessments, combinations of assessments or other tools, interpretation of test results, career counselling, educational services, support in using scoring platforms, doing research and workshops on the assessments we distribute.
  • “Cookies” are alphanumeric identifiers that are transferred to your computers’ hard drive through the web browser to enable the provision of features such as login information.
  • “Customer” or “Client” means an individual, business or other entity that purchases JvR Psychometrics Products or Services, including, but not limited to books, printed assessments, games or online assessment service, Client Services scoring services and reports, research, consultative work such as feedback on research or assessment results.
  • “Delegate” refers to a person who attends the JvR Academy training, workshops, conferences, launches, video sessions and CPD sessions.
  • “Guidelines” are inclusive of the HPCSA guidelines and the APA guidelines for the ethical use of tests and questionnaires.
  • “HPCSA” refers to the Health Professions Council of South Africa and specifically to the Professional Board for Psychology.
  • “Intellectual Property” refers to all national and international rights in respect of tests and test material, books, games or DVD’s distributed by JvR Psychometrics.
  • “IP Address” stands for Internet Protocol. It is a unique string of numbers separated by full stops that identifies each computer using the Internet Protocol to communicate over a network.
  • “JvR Africa Group” means JvR Psychometrics (Pty) Ltd, JvR Consulting Psychologists (Pty) Ltd and JvR Academy (Pty) Ltd (including previously acquired Learning Link Africa Pty Ltd) or any other company such as JvR Safety purchased and/or founded and/or created by The JvR Africa Group in the future.
  • “JvR Psychometrics Proprietary Methodology” means and includes, without limitation JvR Psychometrics proprietary assessment and scoring methods and algorithms and the research and training that has been developed by, or for JvR Psychometrics or licensed to JvR Psychometrics.
  • “Legal Restrictions” refers to the Health Professions Act 56 of 1974 and other laws governing the profession and practice of Psychology nationally and internationally.
  • “Materials” refer to test material, training material, research or workshop material in any format (electronic or printed) and all material developed for and/or during consulting work with clients.
  • “Online Platform” refers to an electronic assessment administrator and scoring facility.
  • “Personal Information” refers to any information, recorded in any form, about an identified individual, or an individual whose identity may be inferred from the information. This includes, for example name, email address, mailing address, telephone number, billing information, account information and other information incidental to providing and receiving products and services. It also includes other information such as IP address, device information or other session data that can be reasonably linked to a specific individual, computer or device.
  • “Phishing” is the attempt to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details (and sometimes, indirectly, money) by masquerading as a trustworthy entity.
  • “Portals” means a facility provided to users of an online platform to manage their own use of assessments.
  • “Products or Services” means the products or services promoted, sold or available for sale from the electronic website or through JvR Psychometrics personnel or JvR Psychometrics catalogues, blogsite or professional and marketing material.
  • “Service” refers to assessment services including the electronic delivery, administration, scoring and reporting of psychometric instruments and any ancillary services available via the JvR Online platform or any other online platform or successor to such a platform. It could also refer to other consulting or client services offered by JvR Psychometrics.
  • “Purchaser” means the company or individual who requested and ordered test material, manuals or research studies or reports, as well as clients who have contracted services provided by the Company.
  • “Registered User” means an individual who is registered and qualified to purchase some or all of the assessments and related material.
  • “Report” means an analysis of the responses and scoring of an assessment or combination of assessments that has been developed through specific Proprietary Methodology of JvR Psychometrics business partners or JvR Psychometrics, JvR Consulting Psychologists or JvR Academy, and which a Test Administrator can use to generate and interpret the scores.
  • “Restricted Materials” means any assessments or materials (including question booklets, scoring keys and weights, algorithms, answer sheets, profile sheets in printed copy or in electronic form) that, at the time of purchase, are identified as restricted in the current catalogues, sales literature, websites, legally, or on the material itself.
  • “Session Data” means, as applicable, usage information, such as IP address, type of browser, type of operating system, referring URL, date, time and duration of a visitor’s visit, the number of visits to a website, the pages viewed, order of pages viewed, number of cookies accumulated, bytes sent and received, user agent, URI stem, URI query or MAC address.
  • “Special order” refers to a product/instrument, programme, tool that has to be sourced, developed or imported specifically for a client.
  • “Test Administrator” means an individual who has been trained by JvR Psychometrics in the required methodology and has the required academic qualification and professional registration to be able to review assessments, administer assessments to assessment takers, analyse the scores and reports and provide these scores and reports to Assessment Takers.
  • “Test Taker” refers to the individual who is requested by the Psychologist or Psychometrist to do an assessment.
  • “Test User” refers to the individual who assumes responsibility for all aspects of appropriate test use, including administration, scoring, interpretation, feedback, application and safeguarding of results.
  • “Trade Marks” means all the registered and unregistered trademarks used or represented by JvR Psychometrics in the course of business.
  • “Training Course” refers to all training offered by JvR Academy and leading to either national or international accreditation.
  • “URI” stands for Uniform Resource Identifier. It is a string of characters used to identify a name of a web resource. Such identification enables interaction with representations of the web resource over a network using specific protocols.
  • “URL” stands for Uniform Resource Locator (URL). It is a reference to a resource that specifies the location of the resource on a computer network and a mechanism for retrieving it.
  • “User Qualifications” means the guidelines established by the HPCSA, APA and international test publishers and enforced by JvR Psychometrics or any other members of the JvR Africa Group on the sales of restricted materials and on the training of people in the use of such test material.
  • “Website” means all of the websites (or any other websites that JvR Psychometrics or any other company in the JVR Africa Group may have developed or develop or will offer as part of their business.

1.3. Terms of Business
The terms of business specified in this document constitute the basis of, and will be deemed to be included in, every agreement between JvR Psychometrics and the client. It will supersede all previous discussions, proposals, bids, invitations, orders and other communications, oral or written, save as supplemented or amended in writing and signed by authorised representatives of the parties. No addition or modification of any provision of these terms of business will be binding on JvR Psychometrics or the other companies in the JvR Africa Group, unless made in writing and signed by its duly authorised representative.

JvR Psychometrics distribute assessment instruments according to national requirements, international specifications and the contractual guidelines of the owners and distributors of such tests, questionnaires and electronic platforms.

  • Psychological assessments developed, used, scored, interpreted, researched, applied, distributed and published by JvR Psychometrics in South Africa are guided by South African law and specifically by the HPCSA (Board for Psychology) code of conduct and ethical framework.
  • Except as is expressly provided in these terms of business, JvR Psychometrics shall not be liable to the client for any breach or failure to perform any obligation as a result of any force majeure event, including but not limited to technical problems, acts of God, government controls, restrictions or prohibitions or any other Government act of or omission whether local or national, technical problems, labour disputes, any act or default of any supplier, agent or sub-contractor, strikes or work stoppages of any kind, interruption of electricity, telephone or internet services or any other similar or dissimilar cause, insofar as these are beyond JvR Psychometrics’ control.
  • In no event will JvR Psychometrics be liable for any indirect, consequential, exemplary or special damages arising out of this agreement between any client and JvR Psychometrics. JvR Psychometrics is held harmless against all claims, liabilities, demands, damages or expenses (including all attorney’s fees and expenses) arising out of or in connection with the use of assessments or any other products or services sold or leased by JvR Psychometrics and the client’s failure to adhere to local laws, psychological best practice, ethical assessment guidelines and these terms and conditions.
  • The failure of JvR Psychometrics to enforce at any time any of these terms of business or any part thereof, or any right with regard thereto, shall in no way be construed to be a waiver of the provision of such condition or to be an estoppel or novation or in any way to affect the validity of such condition. Any indulgence towards the client or the relaxing of the provisions of a condition shall not prejudice the right of JvR Psychometrics to insist on the strict compliance by the client of its undertakings and obligations in terms of these terms of business.
  • JvR Psychometrics shall have the right to amend these terms of business from time to time, the latest updated version being available for inspection free of charge at all JvR Psychometrics offices or on the JvR Psychometrics websites and blogsite.
  • It is the client’s responsibility to acquaint him- or herself with these terms of business prior to requesting any assessments, scoring, research or other services from JvR Psychometrics.
  • These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of South Africa and JvR Psychometrics and the client’s consent to the jurisdiction of the Randburg Magistrate’s Court in respect to the settlement of any dispute and/or claim arising between them. Notwithstanding that the amount in dispute or the value of the matter in dispute might otherwise exceed the jurisdiction of such Court, provided that either party shall be entitled to institute legal proceedings in any other South African Court with competent jurisdiction

1.4. Limitation of Liability and limited warranty

  • JvR Psychometrics does not make any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the merchantability or fitness of the assessments and tools we provide for any particular purpose.
  • JvR Psychometrics will not be liable for any failure or delay in performance due in whole or in part to any cause beyond reasonable control.
  • In no event will JvR Psychometrics nor anyone else who has been involved in the creation or production of any printed works, scored reports or electronic scoring systems, platforms or software, training or services sold by JvR Psychometrics be liable for any indirect, special or consequential damages arising out of the purchase, use or application of the materials or services notwithstanding any other provision or agreement between client and JvR Psychometrics.
  • JvR Psychometrics will not be responsible for the use or misuse of the materials or services offered. The client/test user assumes all responsibility for the use or misuse of the same.
  • JvR Psychometrics is not liable for any third party claims or expenses incurred while using a test, for delays, loss of information, incidental damages, cost of substitute material, or for possible loss of income, grants, profits or any other damages.
  • The purchaser’s sole and exclusive remedy in the event of any defect in materials shall be a refund of the price paid minus courier or shipping costs and a handling fee. This remedy shall be in lieu of all other remedies and damages, whether actual, consequential, special, incidental or other.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot take responsibility for delays in services due to natural disasters and other unforeseen situations that can have an impact on our business results.
  • JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to withhold the sale of tests, products or services should the client have overdue accounts, a history of unacceptable use of assessments or have provided false information on qualifications and professional registration or may not have passed an accreditation or certification examination.
  • These conditions apply to all orders and may not be modified unless expressly agreed to in writing by JvR Psychometrics.
  • JvR Psychometrics accepts no responsibility should credits be used due to negligence, ignorance, or user errors.

1.5. Client Responsibilities

  • In order to be registered as a test user at JvR Psychometrics, a test user must comply with the legal, professional and distributor requirements for use of the specific assessments.
  • Tests and reports that are published, distributed and scored by JvR Psychometrics are only available to clients who have appropriate training, as well as specific academic and professional credentials.
  • The tests published, distributed or scored by JvR Psychometrics are only available to clients who adhere to the principles of proper and appropriate test use.
  • The test user may be required to attend accreditation or certification training and will have to prove successful completion of the relevant examination(s).
  • Attending and qualifying in Certification or Accreditation training attended does not in itself allow the any person to offer the training to others. JvR Academy provides accreditation and certification training. Their Terms and Conditions are available on their website at: www.jvracademy.co.za/terms-and-conditions/.
  • Only registered users may use and have access to restricted materials. Restricted materials should at all times be managed, supervised and controlled by the registered user with full adherence to all ethical, legal and training guidelines.
  • It is the responsibility of every test user to use the tests purchased from JvR Psychometrics in accordance with national and international best practice and the legal requirements of different countries.
  • Any test or support material purchased by the test user is licensed for his/her professional use only. Tests obtained from JvR Psychometrics cannot be resold, sublicensed, exported or otherwise transferred to any third party.
  • The client or test user shall not license, lend, exchange, give, sell or otherwise dispose of restricted materials to third parties or act as agent, distribution channel or stockist of the restricted materials, other than providing them to individuals in order for those individuals to be assessed under the registered user’s supervision; and shall indemnify and reimburse JvR Psychometrics fully in the event that JvR Psychometrics or JvR Psychometrics licensors suffer any losses, claims, liabilities, damages, expenses or costs as a result (whether direct or indirect) of any breach by the client or test user of such warranties and undertakings.
  • Should a registered user move to a new employer and it be deemed inappropriate to take with him/her any tests or scoring methodology obtained or purchased from JvR Psychometrics, it is the purchaser and user’s responsibility to ensure that the material and its scoring is not left in the care of unqualified persons. In the event that there are no other qualified and accredited individuals at the organisation who may be entrusted with the restricted material, the client should contact JvR Psychometrics to discuss alternative solutions.
  • The client hereby indemnifies and holds harmless JvR Psychometrics, its employees, agents or representatives against any and all claims of any nature whatsoever and howsoever arising (including but not limited to breach of contract and negligence) for injury, loss, damage and harm to a person and/or property of the client, the client’s employees, agents and/or representatives or the organization.
  • The client accepts full and personal responsibility for the assessments purchased from JvR Psychometrics in terms of professional and ethical use, timeous payment of the JvR Psychometrics invoices and the accuracy of all biographical and other information provided.
2. JvR Psychometrics: Processes and Procedures Back To Top

2.1. In General: Professional Standards
JvR Psychometrics accepts that psychological and other tests must be used in compliance with existing and current best practice guidelines to ensure the ethical and appropriate use of such tests. In the development and distribution of psychological tests in South Africa, JvR Psychometrics endeavours to uphold the guidelines established by the HPCSA (Board for Psychology). We also acknowledge guidelines and best practice principles on the ethical and appropriate use of Psychological tests as formulated by the British Psychological Association (BPS), the International Test Commission (ITC), the American Psychological Association (APA) and the Association of Test Publishers (ATP). In cases of conflict between these guidelines, the guidelines of the HPCSA will prevail in South Africa. It is accepted that these guidelines may change from time to time to reflect the most recent acceptable practices. Guidelines may also be different in different countries. It should also be noted that not all tests are psychological tests and guidelines may differ accordingly.

To establish which materials are available for individuals to purchase, information can be obtained by contacting the JvR Psychometrics offices (info@jvrafrica.co.za).

2.2. Requesting Information on Assessments Distributed and Published by JvR Psychometrics
The South African Consumer Protection Act, No 68 of 2008, allows for:

  • The right to consumer education: Where clients must be able to access knowledge and skills needed to make informed and confident choices about goods and services.
  • The right to disclosure and information: Where clients must be provided with the facts needed to make informed choices and ensure their protection against dishonest or misleading advertising and labelling.
  • The right to choice: Where clients should be able to choose from a range of products and services, offered at competitive prices, with the assurance of satisfactory quality.

JvR Psychometrics have a full team of professionally qualified staff to advise and support new and existing users of all the tests and other material distributed by us. We provide specialised information to ensure optimal choice of assessments and test batteries for selection of candidates and development of people. We offer a wide choice at all pricing levels.

2.3. Ordering Test Material
When ordering tests, products or other material, please note:

  • We are available during office hours, 08:00-16:30, on all working days (excluding public holidays, weekends and over the Christmas break).
  • Certified proof of academic qualification, professional registration and, in some cases, attendance to accreditation and certification training need to be provided on placing an order at JvR Psychometrics.
  • JvR Psychometrics can provide prices or quotes on request. Quotations are valid for 30 days from the date of the quote.
  • The prices provided on quotes may fluctuate depending on factors such as the exchange rate, import or printing costs, shipping costs, changing product prices or assessments being out of print or discontinued.
  • Should prices provided to the client be incorrect, JvR reserves the right to adjust the invoice accordingly. All prices are subject to change without prior notice and materials or services may be withdrawn without prior notice.
  • Any order placed by a client will be deemed to be an offer by the client to seek a license to obtain the materials subject to the existing business terms and conditions.
  • Invoices will specify the published assessment, research or scoring prices. Disbursements and costs such as VAT, postage, courier costs or insurance costs will be specified on the invoice.
  • For orders sent internationally, insurance cost will be included in the price.
  • Local prices are charged in South African Rands (ZAR). In Africa and elsewhere prices are charged for in US Dollars (USD). Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
  • The client who places the order is deemed to be responsible for full payment within 30 days.
  • Any change in contact details, employer or professional registration details must be communicated by the client to JvR Psychometrics in writing within 15 days following the change to allow us to update our files and redirect information and/or invoices.
  • JvR Psychometrics has the right to deny access to test material to those clients who do not have the required professional registration, are no longer in good standing with regards to relevant legal and professional requirements, have a history of proven copyright violations, who misrepresent their qualifications, do not pay their accounts timeously or make assessments available to non-qualified people.
  • Orders can only be processed during JvR Psychometrics office working hours. JvR Psychometrics only use secure courier services for delivery. Please note the cut-off times for orders:
    • Local Sameday Economy & Flyer on Monday – Friday: Notify courier by 10:00. Have parcel ready by 10:30. The client needs to send their order through by 09:30.
    • Local Overnight Parcel and Flyer on Monday – Friday: Notify courier by 14:00. Have parcel ready by 14:30. Clients need to send order by 14:00.
    • National Overnight & National Airfreight on Monday – Friday: Notify courier by 14:30 .Have parcel ready by 15:00. Clients need to send order by 14:00.
    • National Roadfreight on Monday – Friday: Notify courier by 14:00. Have parcel ready by 14:30. Client needs to send order by 13:30.
    • Regional areas: we need to confirm with the courier by email.
    • Delivery to outlying regional areas cannot be guaranteed within 48 hours. These services are dependent on the availability of courier services to that region.

    • Any alternative changes made directly by clients with the courier services subsequent to package being sent by JvR Psychometrics, will incur additional costs, allocated to the client’s account.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot guarantee the availability of all stock at all times. Test material may for instance be discontinued. JvR Psychometrics will, in such cases, suggest alternative options where available.
  • Should stock not be available it will be imported/printed and may take up to 3 weeks to become available.
  • A client who has not purchased material for 2 years or more will be considered a new client.
  • New and international clients, without a JvR Psychometrics account, are required to pay upfront in full for the tests, material or services required from JvR Psychometrics.
  • New clients who wish to open an account at JvR Psychometrics will be required to give permission for a full credit check. There is no automatic opening of an account.
  • Certain circumstances (special orders) may require a deposit of 50%. JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to retain the deposit for any material not collected by the client.
  • Orders can only be processed once an order form has been signed, a purchase order number is received and proof of payment is received.
  • Current account holders guarantee that their order will be paid for within 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • All orders of less than R1,000.00 must to be paid in cash (EFT or credit card) before material will be made available.
  • Where the material ordered includes computer hardware or software, internet access or any other technological service or website, the client accepts that he is entitled to use this only in accordance with the applicable and appropriate licenses, laws, accreditation, qualification and best practice requirements.
  • Should timeous payment not be received for electronic credits or reports purchased, JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to retrieve or cancel such credits and close portals.

2.4. Claims and Returns
The South African Consumer Protection Act No 68 of 2008, allows the right to redress or a fair settlement of just claims. In this regard JvR Psychometrics stipulates the following:

  • Material that clients wish to return to JvR Psychometrics has to be done immediately and by traceable means. JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to charge a 25% handling fee on any return, be it printed material or electronic reports. The cost of importing the material, the taxes paid as well as all the couriers costs incurred, will be for the client’s account.
  • Should a client place an order that is signed for special import and then not take delivery thereof, JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to charge a 25% handling fee. All costs associated with the import of the material, including taxes and courier costs, will be for the client’s account.
  • All claims should be in writing and the invoice and client account numbers need to be specified. Full motivation for the return with signed authority from the authorised user has to be included. Claims should be received by JvR Psychometrics:
    • Within 3 days of receipt of materials in respect of damage or discrepancies between materials ordered and materials received;
    • Within 1 week of dispatch in respect of non-delivery;
    • Within 1 week of dispatch in respect of defective materials;
    • Please note:

    • No claims can be made retrospectively;
    • No returns will be accepted after two weeks.
  • JvR Psychometrics will not be liable for any claims unless we are notified within the appropriate time as set out above and the materials are returned in excellent sellable condition. No material will be accepted for return without prior notice, full reasons for the return, authority from the person who purchased, as well as the original invoice.
  • No refund or credit will be made in respect of materials received by JvR Psychometrics in a damaged, used or un-saleable condition.
  • Returns accepted will only be for credit against the client’s JvR Psychometrics account. No cash refunds will be made under any circumstances.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot accept returns of older out-of-print or discontinued products.
  • Kits and other materials, as well as material sold at a discount, must be returned in their entirety. Partial returns will not be accepted.
  • It is a condition of sale that possession of materials does not transfer to the client until full payment for all material and services have been received by JvR Psychometrics. If payment is not received by its due date, JvR Psychometrics will block the account, may repossess any materials that have not been paid for and hand the outstanding amounts for legal action. For electronic material access through portals or any other methodology will be blocked. All legal fees will be to the client’s account.
  • Should clients wish to return electronic credits/tokens it must be done within 15 days of date of purchase. Claims on discontinued credits will not be accepted. Such credits will be regarded as expired.
  • JvR Psychometrics’ liability for non-delivery, incorrect delivery or delivery of defective materials will be limited. Should the client have provided erroneous information or fail to collect/receive the material JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to fully charge for the order and all costs incurred.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot take responsibility for the loss of material or electronic credits due to client negligence.

2.5. Invoices and Payment

  • Opening of a client credit account will only be available to clients subject to credit approval.
  • JvR Psychometrics terms, for those with accounts, are strictly 30 days from date of invoice. Accounts overdue will be placed on hold, handed over for legal action and clients may be blacklisted.
  • JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to revoke existing credits on client’s portals to compensate for outstanding amounts owing to JvR Psychometrics without prior arrangement/approval.
  • For clients, both national and international, that have not been approved by JvR Psychometrics to open an account, all psychometric and other assessments, whether printed or electronic, will only be released once full payment has been received and cleared by the bank. Proof of payment should be sent to accounts@jvrafrica.co.za.
  • JvR Psychometrics will not invoice third party clients.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot be held responsible for governmental levies or taxes for countries outside South Africa. These costs will be regarded as for the client’s account.
  • In South Africa, JvR Psychometrics is required to add VAT at the standard rate to the cost of all material and services.
  • Invoices to the client will be done immediately after a purchase or rendering of a service. Under no circumstances will invoices be held back for any reason.
  • Purchase order numbers need to be provided when ordering. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure that such purchase order numbers is correct and valid to ensure payment is received in 30 days. The client remains responsible for the purchase of the material. JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to blacklist clients who purchase with no budget, exceed their budget or provide inaccurate purchase order numbers.
  • Proof of payment, with the JvR Psychometrics invoice number as reference or client account number, must be e-mailed to JvR Psychometrics to ensure correct allocation of payments made. If a remittance advice has not been received, the client remains liable for the full amount.
3. JvR Psychometrics: Client Services Scoring Service (Client Services e-scoring service) Back To Top

In accordance with HPCSA regulations in South Africa, electronic reports, electronic and online assessments and the e-mailing of psychological test results are legally and professionally regulated. In using JvR Psychometrics services, clients must personally ensure their compliance to all national and international regulations and developments in this field.

It must be noted that electronic reports available from JvR Psychometrics do not and cannot replace the professional judgement and the professional and ethical responsibilities of a registered test user. Test results as is included in an electronic report should be judged, interpreted and integrated with other relevant information as is expected from qualified and registered professionals.

3.1. Standard Assessment Procedures for Electronic Assessments
Registered users should do everything in their power to ensure that standard assessment procedures as described by the HPCSA (Board for Psychology) or APA, BPA and others are also followed during an electronic assessment process. Informed consent must be obtained from all clients. Clients purchasing an assessment must be willing to comply with the following basic principles of minimum test security:

  • Test takers shall not be coached on the test or receive the test answers before commencing or during the taking of tests.
  • Test users must adhere strictly to copyright law and under no circumstances photocopy, translate, make screenshots, alter, paraphrase items, distribute, publish or otherwise reproduce answer forms, test booklets or manuals.
  • Access to test material must be limited to appropriately qualified and certified or accredited persons.
  • Confidentiality of test results and reports should at all times be respected, strictly enforced and fully adhered to.
  • Electronic assessments should be done under supervision (proctored) by the responsible and qualified professional.

3.2. Client Services Scoring Process

  • JvR Psychometrics provides a 24 hour turnaround service. This excludes large scale or bulk scoring.
  • For large scale or bulk scoring projects, the client must inform JvR Psychometrics 3 days in advance to arrange the timelines.
  • Client Services hours are weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm.
  • Scoring is not done over weekends, public holidays or during the annual year end office closure.
  • Original answer sheets (printed material) for software scoring can be delivered, faxed, e-mailed or couriered to JvR Psychometrics. All answer sheets must be legibly completed with all answers marked clearly. To ensure an efficient service, clients are requested to confirm with the Client Services service that delivered, faxed or e-mailed answer sheets have in fact been received for scoring.
  • A project management fee is charged for scoring such answer sheets for clients should a portal be available for them to use.
  • Answer sheets and the Request for Electronic Report Services form must be accompanied with a full name list of all the candidates and full identifying detail of the certified or accredited professional.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot take responsibility for any inaccurate biographical or other information provided. Incorrectly completed/incomplete requests or data forms will delay the Client Services scoring process and the 24 hour turnaround time will only apply once correct information is confirmed.
  • Given the confidentiality of scored results, JvR Psychometrics can only send reports to registered users who guarantee confidentiality of results. We require secure contact and delivery details such as an e-mail address, fax number, physical or postal address and telephone number (as provided in their initial client information form). Should clients wish to have reports sent to a different address, the change of details must be motivated, submitted in writing and signed for by the accredited users.
  • JvR Psychometrics will not send psychological reports directly to test takers.
  • JvR Psychometrics will not regenerate reports for any other interested party, without the express written permission (informed consent) of the test taker and the referring psychologist/psychometrist.
  • Clients take all responsibility for securely and confidentially filing their own clients’ reports, generated for them by JvR Psychometrics. An administrative fee will be charged for the re-sending or re-generating of reports.
  • Should a client request test results that they have not administered, they will have to make contact with the original accredited user and receive written consent (approval) that JvR Psychometrics can release the report to them.
  • Under no circumstances can employees of the JvR Psychometrics Client Services scoring service share test results or interpretation of results over the phone.
  • Where online user platforms are available and clients choose to still use the Client Services for scoring, additional fees will be applicable. These fees are available on the JvR Psychometrics’ pricelists available from clientservices@jvrafrica.co.za.

3.3. Online, Software and other Electronically Derived Methods for Assessment Administration and Reporting

3.3.1. In General:
Where a client purchases material which includes the provision by JvR Psychometrics of an electronic administered and/or scored report, the following shall apply:

  • JvR Psychometrics does its best to ensure accuracy during the scoring of assessments. JvR Psychometrics can however make no warranty that any and all reports will be complete and accurate. The client indemnifies JvR Psychometrics or JvR Psychometrics’ licensors and agrees to hold them harmless from any losses, claims, liabilities, damages, expenses and costs (including reasonable attorney’s fees and expenses) whether direct or indirect, with respect to any claims made by a third party against any of them in relation to the provision of the computer and electronic scored reports.
  • The client shall indemnify JvR Psychometrics in respect of any claims made by a third party against JvR Psychometrics or JvR Psychometrics’ licensors in relation to the provision of the computer and electronic scored reports to test takers without standard assessment procedures, appropriate feedback or any violation of the ethical guidelines of the HPCSA, APA, BPA or other relevant regulating bodies.
  • The client shall not use software, or other electronic facilities provided by JvR Psychometrics to provide a Client Services scoring service to third parties who are not accredited with JvR Psychometrics and are not appropriately trained/registered.
  • The client shall not create derivatives of the JvR Psychometrics assessments, reports and software and may not utilise such in the provision of their own scoring services.
  • All returns of electronically derived reports and credits/tokens will be guided by JvR Psychometrics policy on return of material and the specific terms and conditions of the owners of each of the electronic options.
  • JvR Psychometrics is not an IT support company and cannot under any circumstances take responsibility for the software, hardware, internet connections and general IT infrastructure of any client.

3.3.2. Online Assessments

  • Access to online assessment websites is restricted to registered and qualified users. Registered users are fully responsible for the proper use of the materials on these pages.
  • Registered users are provided with codes and passwords by which they can access restricted pages on such secure websites. Online instructions are available from JvR Psychometrics Client Services Scoring Service.
  • Confidentiality of individual test results is ensured by access to the website using confidential codes and passwords.
  • Registered users are responsible for maintaining the secrecy and security of these codes and passwords. Any suspected breach of this security should immediately be reported to JvR Psychometrics Client Services.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot take responsibility for test takers completing the wrong assessments. Registered users are responsible for ensuring that their nominated test takers complete the correct test. Invoices will be rendered by JvR Psychometrics for all assessments used and scored.
  • Where a User Platform or automated report generation option is not available, registered users will be required to send JvR Client Services Scoring Service a full name list of their test takers. JvR Psychometrics will not score tests unless a full and accurate list of names of test takers is received from the registered user.
  • JvR Psychometrics’ Client Services Scoring Service cannot accept the automatic or assured responsibility for managing assessment projects for clients. Should the user of the assessment(s) require project management to be done, it will be contracted and charged for separately.

3.3.3. Purchase of Software and/ or Software Credits

  • To use the software scoring and software credits, certain technical requirements relating to hardware and software have to be met. Details are available from JvR Psychometrics (clientservices@jvrafrica.co.za).
  • Annual license fees may need to be paid for the use of certain software.
  • Software packages purchased from JvR Psychometrics cannot be guaranteed.
  • Returns of software must be made within one week of date of invoice. Returns must be in a saleable and unused condition and sent via a traceable package service back to JvR Psychometrics. Full motivation for the return must be provided. A 25% handling fee will be charged. Courier, or any other relevant or shipping costs will be to the account of the user.
  • Software products purchased from JvR Psychometrics should under no circumstances be made available or resold to persons not qualified to use the products.
  • JvR Psychometrics will not support clients who use derivative software systems or software that has been discontinued.

3.3.4. Online Platforms
JvR Psychometrics offers a variety of online assessment administration and scoring facilities to those users who prefer to manage their own online scoring platforms (also referred to as portals). Registered users agree and accept the following terms and conditions:

  • To adhere to all the relevant and appropriate ethical and legal requirements of the country where the services are provided.
  • To take full responsibility for the ethical, legal and professional use of the online platform(s).
  • To use the assessments and their results ethically, appropriately, responsibly and with a continued awareness of the rights of all individuals being assessed, maintaining the applicable laws and regulations in the locations where their services are provided.
  • To take responsibility of ensuring confidential and accurate record keeping of all assessment results in accordance with the ethical regulations as stipulated by law. The safe and confidential storage or electronic information should be regarded as essential and a priority by all clients. JvR Psychometrics cannot accept any responsibility for the breach of confidentiality in the professional work/storage of clients.
  • To use and access the online platform in a manner that will not disrupt, corrupt, or otherwise damage the website(s).
  • The practitioner agrees that the online platform(s) will not be used in any manner that is prohibited by law, professional ethics or that infringes the right of the owners and distributors.
  • When the client is no longer employed by a company and/or where there is an accompanying account, or when a client’s professional registration has lapsed, JvR Psychometrics needs to be informed. If not, the client will remain liable for the use of the administration scoring facility and the invoices of such.
  • Not to make use of data collected to create derivative products or copyright violations.
  • To accept full responsibility for the online platform and agree to not provide personal login details to any third party for any reason whatsoever. Should more than one practitioner in-house be trained on the relevant assessment(s), JvR Psychometrics can create a main platform for the company. The benefits of having one platform per company is that assessment data can be consolidated into one central platform and that group reports can be generated on some assessments should this be required. The main registered user however takes full responsibility for the ethical legal and appropriate use of the platform.

3.3.5. JvR Psychometrics will support the client by

  • Providing notifications when maintenance, possible interruptions to the service or any changes to assessment scoring websites will occur.
  • Providing advice and telephone support whilst practitioners are transitioning to the self-managed online system.
  • Setting up the assessment facility and provide login details and assessment credits credits/tokens within 24 – 48 hours of receiving a request. This is dependent on JvR Psychometrics having received and verified all the necessary information required to set up the assessment facility. Such information may also require JvR Psychometrics having to request a credit check.

Please note:

  • The supplier/s is/are the copyright owner of the online platforms and all of the content. No portion of these platforms, including the instrument’s information, text, images, audio, or video, may be copied, translated, modified, or used in any manner without prior written permission. Any name, logo, trademark, or service mark contained and accessed by these websites are owned or licensed by the supplier and may not be used in any manner without the supplier’s prior written permission. Unauthorised use of all or part of the online platforms or the instrument is strictly prohibited and may result in the violation of the supplier’s trademarks, privacy, copyrights, and publicity rights.
  • The information included on these online platforms does not constitute, and shall not be considered, the advice, recommendation, or endorsement of JvR Psychometrics or the copyright holders. Neither JvR Psychometrics nor the copyright holders shall be held liable for any claims based on the use of the instrument/s.
  • JvR Psychometrics cannot guarantee an uninterrupted service.
  • JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to block any usage of the online platform/s and provision of credits if accounts are not fully paid within 30 days or ethical or legal complaints are received with regards to usage of the system and the assessments.
  • JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to obtain depersonalised and aggregated data from online platforms for research and statistical purposes.
  • JvR Psychometrics retains the right to charge for the project management, storage, record keeping and retrieval of software or support of hardware.

For more information on the above please contact: clientservices@jvrafrica.co.za.

4. JvR Research Back To Top

JvR Psychometrics as a developer and distributor of assessments and tools, scoring, research and consulting services, values being able to focus on building a body of knowledge based on evidence based psychology.

We are committed to doing research to:

  • Validate international assessments (to adhere to legal and best practices principles).
  • Develop South African assessments.
  • Support clients and their companies in analysing their data to understand human metrics and trends.
  • Research is done in adherence to HPCSA best practice and ethical principles. Aggregated and anonymous data is used for statistical and research purposes. For collection of data please refer to the websites, Information Technology and Electronic Services Section of this document (pages 26-33).

4.1. Applications for Research Support

  • Applications for research support can be submitted to JvR Psychometrics research department. Assistance will be provided for approved projects only. Application forms are available on request.
  • Research assistance will only be considered for studies with more than 100 cases.
  • JvR Psychometrics retains the right to withdraw their permission to work with test material or any other data if the student shows no reasonable progress. An invoice for the full cost of the material used, lost and/or damaged will be rendered for payment according to section outlined in 2.5 in this document.
  • Researchers who have been granted research assistance will be asked to sign a research agreement that stipulates the scope of the research project and the responsibilities of both parties in the research process.
  • Upon granting research assistance, JvR Psychometrics is entitled to all access data collected during the research project using materials published or distributed by JvR Psychometrics.
  • Research should not take more than 36 months and JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to not allow extensions beyond this period.
  • The researcher must be duly qualified to purchase and use the test material and should, if not, a fully qualified psychologist or psychometrist (or registered psychology student), who work directly under the supervision of a registered psychologist. The supervising psychologist will take full responsibility for the use of the materials.
  • No assessment material may be copied or electronically stored in any form or way.
  • The data collected on published material may not be used to create derivatives of the material for commercial sale.
  • The contents of JvR Psychometrics’ methods of scoring and processing results are secret and confidential and the client may not under any circumstances disclose them to any third party.
  • JvR Psychometrics distributes various assessments/tests/programmes under exclusive license. It is required that intellectual property rights including trademarks be acknowledged in all documentation, including research applications and publications. A footnote legend, indicating the ownership of the trademark, should be put at the bottom of the page or at the end of the text or document.
  • All materials published and distributed by JvR Psychometrics are protected by copyright. Should the researcher wish to quote them or any portion thereof in research projects or in any manner, they need to apply for permission to JvR Psychometrics who will contact the copyright owners in this regard. A minimum of 30 days is required to process such a request.
  • If a client wishes to translate or modify a test for research purposes, they will need to apply for permission. No guarantee can be made that such a request will be granted.
  • No items or full questionnaires/tests/inventories developed and/or distributed by JvR Psychometrics may be included in articles or any other research documents.

4.2. Loan of Material

  • Only under exceptional circumstances will JvR Psychometrics consider possibly providing material on loan. All business terms shall apply equally to loan material.
  • Written requests for loan material should be submitted to JvR Psychometrics research department at least a month before the planned event. Permission for such a request is not guaranteed.
  • A handling fee will be charged, which amounts to 30% of the cost of the material permission should be granted.
  • Loan material may only be used for 2 weeks or less unless otherwise specified in writing by JvR Psychometrics.
  • In the event that loan material is damaged, lost or returned after the agreed date, the client will be required to pay the current published price of the material in full.

4.3. General Notes
Should the client act in contravention to the terms and conditions specified for JvR Psychometrics, we also reserve the right to withdraw any benefits associated with research assistance.

For more information on the above, please contact research@jvrafrica.co.za

5. Product Management Back To Top

In 2004 JvR Psychometrics began publishing a number of South African developed assessments. Over the years this range has grown and we welcome further submissions to add breadth and depth to this range

5.1. Submission Process
Individuals interested in submitting tools for publishing need to note the following submission process

  1. Initial discussion and presentation of the product(s).
  2. Both parties sign a standard Confidentiality Agreement.
  3. Submission to JvR Psychometrics of all research, publications and test material.
  4. The product is submitted to the Publishing Department and Research Department for review.
  5. Feedback on the review and way forward is discussed.
  6. Guarantees of originality of submitted material is provided.
  7. Distribution Agreement is signed (JvR Psychometrics reserves the right to accept or not accept material submitted to us to offer/sign a contract).

5.2. Review Process
Please note the following assessment/tool elements are necessary for the review process.

5.2.1. Manual
Current and complete manual with technical and practical information, including a full and current reference list is required. This must be a comprehensive guide for the end user.

The manual should include al full literature overview, theories used, as well as all the relevant statistical information (i.e., reliability, validity, South African norms etc.) and case studies or examples of application. All of these requirements are regarded as basic best practice in Psychology.

5.2.2. Components of Assessments evaluated:

  • Product Abstract,
  • Question Booklets,
  • Answer Sheets,
  • Scoring Stencils,
  • Reports,
  • Online / Electronic Scoring Systems,
  • Work booklets or any supporting material.

5.2.3. Supporting research

  • All supporting information referenced in the development section of the manual should be submitted.
  • All instruments are to have supporting research not more than five years old.
  • Any journal publications or conference presentations regarding the tool need to be included.

5.2.4. Copyright

  • JvR Psychometrics requires a written guarantee from the developer(s) that no copyright has been violated on the product submitted to us.

5.3. Ownership
The general JvR Psychometrics policy is that the Developer maintains ownership and involvement, ensuring continued development of the tool and its applications. From experience, we know that it takes time to introduce a new tool into the market and see returns on the investment, but if we partner together and work in good faith, we can accomplish much.

B. Information Technology, Electronic Services and Websites

1. Introduction Back To Top

JvR Psychometrics is a company that provides assessment, research and Client Services scoring services. Our focus is on making sure that we provide well researched assessments with proven psychometric characteristics to the Sub Sahara Africa market and beyond. We specialise in making the best assessments used in the Industrial and Organisational, Educational, Clinical and Counselling contexts available to our clients. A number of the assessments we distribute are world renowned and sourced internationally. We take pride in distributing assessments developed by well-known Psychologists, researchers, and academics in South Africa. We also develop and distribute our own assessments.

2. Websites Back To Top

The JvR Psychometrics website is owned and operated by JvR Psychometrics. These Terms and Conditions govern all access to this website and by visiting and using this it, you indicate that you have read, understood, and agreed to be bound by these terms and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations.

These principles should be read with the Terms and Conditions included in the JvR Psychometrics: General Terms and Conditions as well as those of JvR Consulting Psychologists and JvR Academy.

3. Intellectual Property Rights Back To Top

Our Website contains other proprietary notices and copyright information, the terms of which must be observed and followed. These rights are protected by national and international intellectual property right laws, international treaty provisions and a variety of other laws.

No portion of this website, including text, graphics, photographs, images, audio or video may be copied, modified or used in any other manner without JvR Psychometrics prior permission. Any name, logo, trademark or service mark contained and accessed by this website is either owned or licensed to the JvR Africa Group or JvR Psychometrics. They are protected by copyright, trademark, trade secret, patent and other intellectual property laws, as well as other applicable laws. JvR Psychometrics reserves all rights arising from or related to the website content.

3.1. Permitted Users
This website and its content can only be used in accordance to these terms. Should you download, view, use, copy or print any content for personal, non-commercial use, it can only be done to the extent that it does not infringe on the JvR Psychometrics intellectual property rights whether owned by JvR Psychometrics or represented by JvR Psychometrics. You must retain all copyright, trademark, and other notices contained in the website content.

3.2. Prohibited Users
You may not use, download, upload, copy, modify, print, display, reproduce, republish, license, rent, lease, loan, sell, assign, post, transmit, distribute, reverse engineer, create derivative works or exploit any website content or any part of it. Furthermore, you may not:

  • Send unsolicited commercial emails to the email addresses on the website.
  • Delete or modify any of the website content.
  • Use any device or software that interferes with the proper functioning of the website or the servers or networks connected to the website, or take any other action that interferes with other parties’ use of the website.
  • Use any process to compile information on the website for purposes other than for a generally available search engine.
  • Use any of the logos, names, trademarks or service marks without JvR Psychometrics prior written consent, including, without limitation, the use of these materials as meta-tags or hidden text, except in accordance with accepted and specified trademark guidelines.
  • Copy, distribute, display on your own website, or otherwise reproduce any of the information including items, questionnaires, sample reports, research reports or manuals provided on the website; or
  • Use trademarks on the JvR Psychometrics website in the domain name or URL of any website you own or operate.

Unauthorised use of all or part of this website is strictly prohibited and may result in the violation of national or international trademarks, privacy, copyrights and publicity rights.

4. Warranties and Limitations on Liability Back To Top

4.2. Representations
JvR Psychometrics makes no representations whatsoever about any other website which you may access through this one. When you access a non- JvR psychometric website, even one that may contain the same or similar logo’s, information and names, it must still be regarded as independent from JvR Psychometrics and that JvR Psychometrics has no control over the content on that website.

A link to a non JvR Psychometrics website does not mean that JvR Psychometrics endorses or accepts any responsibility for the content, or use, of such a website. It remains your responsibility to take precautions against items such as viruses, worms, Trojan horses and any other items of a destructive nature.

In no event will JvR Psychometrics be liable to any party for any direct or indirect, special or other consequential damages for any use of this website, or on any other hyper linked website, including, without limitation, any loss of profits, business interruption, loss of programs or other data on your information handling system or otherwise, even if we are expressly advised of the possibility of such damages.

JvR Psychometrics provides all information on our website on an “as is” basis only. JvR Psychometrics provides no representations and warranties, express or implied, including the implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability and non-infringement.

5. Privacy and Security Back To Top

JvR Psychometrics is committed to the protection of sensitive and confidential data. We work diligently to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of the Personal Information that we receive. We also appreciate your trust that we will do so carefully and sensibly.

We collect only such Personal Information as is necessary to provide our Products or Services to you, inform you about our Products or Services, continue our research in the field and improve our website, Products, Services and your experience of interacting with our company. We do not share your- and other customer information with anyone without asking for your permission.

This Privacy Policy describes the principles and practices that apply to the personal information that we collect from individuals online or offline. This would include individuals who browse through our website, register on the website, use the services provided on the website, interact with the website and/or communicate with us through telephone, email, fax or other communication means, participate in our interviews, surveys, promotions, research initiatives or read and receive our marketing information, catalogues and newsletters. In some cases, we ask questions to which the responses may be optional and these questions are identified as such. We take all reasonable measures to protect the security of your Personal Information and will not disclose such to third parties other than as described in this Policy.

JvR Psychometrics will not release your name or otherwise publicise the fact that you submitted materials or other information to us unless:

  • We obtain your permission to use your name;
  • We first notify you that the materials or other information you submitted to us will be published or otherwise used with your name on it, or
  • We are required to do so by law.

We will treat any personal information that we collect from you according to our Privacy Policy, which is incorporated into these terms.

5.1. We Collect Data for the Following Reasons

5.1.1. To be able to purchase from JvR Psychometrics, customers must be registered with us. The purchase process involves completion of for instance, biographical and professional registration, qualification information as well as shipping address, phone numbers and email address. For verification purposes we may collect all or part of a government issued identification number. This enables JvR Psychometrics to process your purchase request and where appropriate, to open and maintain your customer account. Should you be ordering for another person or company or for the account of another person or company, we require permission and proof of your right to do so.

5.1.2. If you contact us directly or visit our exhibit at any conference or similar event, we may collect your name, email address, contact information and subsequent correspondence to enable a business relationship to develop.

5.1.3. We may receive your information from third parties such as international or national business partners who refer your detail to us.

5.1.4. To become certified or qualified in our Products or Services we collect information regarding the details of your certification or qualification such as your name, qualification, professional registration, date of qualification/certification and the instruments or products you are certified to use.

5.1.5. JvR Psychometrics offers a scoring service to Test Administrators. The responses of the client are recorded, scored and reported on. This report is made available to the Test Administrator who is a client of JvR Psychometrics. By completing the testing process, you give your consent for your personal information to be transmitted to our qualified and certified/accredited clients (most often Psychologists and Psychometrists). Our clients require this personal data to ensure the correct administration, scoring and reporting before using the information in the relevant consulting intervention. Should you have questions with regards to the use of your personal information by the test administrator and/or consultant please contact that company directly.

5.1.6. JvR Psychometrics will not provide results to individuals taking the assessments. The dissemination of results is the sole responsibility of the requesting organisation or professional regarded as the client of JvR Psychometrics. We cannot guarantee individuals taking the assessments access to their individual results or feedback thereon as this needs to be requested from the professional.

5.1.7. JvR Psychometrics retains the right to statistically aggregate, in non-person-specific form test responses and other information collected for our internal research purposes. Such aggregated non-person-specific information may be used to enhance, develop or improve our assessment products, assessment batteries, scoring norms, test processing or related products, services and outcomes. By beginning the test process, you give your consent to this non-person-specific data aggregation and the use and transmission of this aggregated statistical data as outlined herein. This is done according to the ethical guidelines of Psychological best practice.

5.1.8. If you complete a research assessment or a survey, your unique data is collected with the primary purpose of statistically analysing and strengthening the assessments wherever necessary. JvR Psychometrics refers to an assessment as being in a research version if it has recently been developed and data is still being collected to further scrutinise and strengthen the product. Demographic information such as qualification, age, gender, and occupation may be important in the scoring or research process. The responses from participants are compiled in an anonymous format.

5.1.9. By beginning the assessment process, you give your consent for your personal information to be transmitted as outlined above. All JvR Psychometrics Clients are responsible for complying with national and international laws and protocols covering data use and transfer.

5.1.10. Certain client projects may involve the administration through independent testing centres. These centres may provide unrelated services and may collect and use personal data for purposes under different terms and policies. If you have questions or concerns about an independent testing centre’s collection or use of any of your personal information, please talk to the independent testing centre directly. Should you not be able to adequately address concerns about information collected about you through independent testing centres, please contact JvR Psychometrics (info@jvrafrica.co.za).

5.1.11. Personal contact detail is continuously updated into a secure database enabling JvR Psychometrics staff to maintain and update our records. It also allows, for JvR Psychometrics, to provide you with a regular newsletter, magazine or other marketing or media information that provides you with professional updates such as research outcomes or opportunities, international guest speakers and more. It also supports our personalised service to clients.

5.2. Cookies
If you visit our website, we automatically collect the related Session Data. This information is provided to us by your browser and through our log files, which record your activities while browsing our website, such as when you click on a link. We may record some of this data in one or several cookies that we send to your browser. Cookies are small text files that a website transfers to your computer’s browser. Cookies are used by JvR Psychometrics to measure traffic patterns, personalise content and control security.

JvR Psychometrics’ websites use “cookies” to improve functionality and usability. We use this information for planning, tracking and to improve the technical functions of our websites and products.By using our products and agreeing to this policy, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of this policy.

5.2.1. About cookies
Cookies are text files sent by Web servers to Web browsers and are stored on the user’s computer or mobile device. If the browser is loading a page and the server requests the information stored in the cookie, the cookie is sent back to the server.

Cookies contain data about the user’s activities on the website, and can be used by Web servers to identify and track users as they navigate different pages on a website, and to identify users returning to a website.

Cookies may be either “persistent” or “session” cookies. A persistent cookie will remain valid until its set expiration date (unless deleted by the user). A session cookie will expire at the end of the user session, when the Web browser is closed.

5.2.2. How JvR Psychometrics uses cookies
Cookies do not contain any information that personally identifies the user, but information that we store about the user may be linked by us to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

Websites use the information we obtain from people’s use of our website through cookies for the following purposes:

  1. To recognize the user’s computer when the user visits the website.
  2. To track some user actions during website navigation.
  3. To improve the website’s usability.
  4. To analyse the use of the website.
  5. To administer the website.
  6. To report click-through data to our marketing department.

5.2.3. Third-party cookies
When users visit the JvR Psychometrics websites, third-party cookies may be sent to their computers by our advertisers or service providers.

  1. They may use the information obtained from these cookies.
  2. To track users browsing across multiple websites.
  3. To build profiles of users’ Web surfing.
  4. To target advertisements that may be of particular interest to users.

5.2.4. Blocking cookies
Most browsers allow users to refuse to accept cookies.

  1. In Internet Explorer, you can refuse all cookies by clicking “Tools,” “Internet Options,” “Privacy,” and selecting “Block all cookies” using the sliding selector.
  2. Note: Cookies are enabled by default in Firefox. To check or change your settings:
    Click the “menu” button and choose Options.
    Select the Privacy panel.
    Set Firefox will: to Use custom settings for history.
    Check mark Accept cookies from sites to enable Cookies, and uncheck it to disable them.
  3. In Google Chrome, you can adjust your cookie permissions by clicking on the Chrome menu, then “settings”, click on “advanced settings” and by selecting “Block third -party cookies and site data.
  4. In Safari, you can block cookies by clicking “Preferences,” selecting the “Privacy” tab and “Block cookies.”
  5. Please make sure that these settings stated below are dependent on the version of browser the client / user has.

5.2.5. Selecting cookies
Users can also delete cookies already stored on their computers:

  1. In Internet Explorer, you must manually delete cookie files.
  2. Click the menu button, choose History, and then Clear Recent History.
    Set Time range to clear to “Everything”.
    Click on the arrow next to D
    etails to expand the list of history items.
    Select Cookies and make sure that other items you want to keep are not selected
  3. In the top-right corner of the browser window, click the Chrome menu
    Select Settings.
    Click on advanced settings
    Click on “Clear browsing history”
    Select the tick box “Cookies and other site plug in data
    Click the button Clear browsing data.
  4. In Safari, you can delete cookies by clicking “Preferences,” selecting the “Privacy” tab and selecting “Remove All Website Data.”
  5. Doing this may have a negative impact on the usability of many websites.

*Please note that not all our websites require cookies.

5.3. How We Use Personal Information

5.3.1 Generally
We use the information for the following:

  • To enhance navigation throughout our website and ensure the best quality of content on our website.
  • To score reports recognised for their accuracy and quality.
  • To provide products and services that further enhance your offering to clients.
  • To do research of human trends and dynamics in Africa.
  • For client service, business growth, and marketing purposes.
  • Communication information to you about goods and services in which you may be interested, including
    our catalogue and monthly newsletter.
  • To provide, on request, personalised computer-generated reports via our electronic scoring services and through our JVR Online assessment service.
  • To personalise our service to you
  • To seek your views on products and services
  • For enhanced technical administration of our websites.

5.3.2 Data Accuracy:
We are committed to exercise all reasonable efforts to keep your Personal Information safe and accurate. Please notify us of all changes to your information immediately to enable us to update our records.

5.3.3. Transmission of Information:
The Internet is a global environment. By using our JvR Psychometrics websites and by sending information to us electronically, you consent to transborder and international transmission of any data that you may choose to supply to us. Given the inherent operation and nature of the Internet, information transmissions and e-mails to us and our website(s) may not be secure and as such all Internet transmissions are done at the user’s own risk.

5.4. We Ensure that your Data is Safe in the Following Ways
We use reasonable precautions to protect personal information from unauthorised use, access, disclosure, alteration or destruction. These precautions include appropriate physical, electronic, professional registration and Human Resources (HR) policies as well as managerial procedures:

  • Continuous state of the art and offsite back-up systems with the data in encrypted form.
  • We use administrative, physical and technical measures designed to protect Personal Information from any unauthorised access, loss, misuse, disclosure, alteration, or destruction.
  • In order to safeguard the assessments and their results, the relevant websites contains only the assessment items and not the assessment programs. It is not possible to process results through the website. Results can only be processed by downloading raw data, decrypting the data and scoring the data with the appropriate programs. Until that time, responses to assessment items are merely encrypted alphanumeric strings with no discernible meaning.
  • We use encryption and a comprehensive authentication as well as backup systems to provide security. Individuals taking the assessments are provided a username and password to access the website assessments. In addition the raw data are encrypted. Each JvR Psychometrics client using the specific website is provided with a secure method of transfer from the internet to the Test Administrator and client organisation. No method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is fully secure therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect Personal Information, we cannot guarantee its absolute security. Identity theft and what is known as “phishing” are of great concern to us. Please understand that you also have a responsibility in protecting your own information.
  • Very strict JvR Psychometrics HR Policies guide the access internal staff may have to information and the consequences of non- adherence to JvR Psychometrics policies.
  • All JvR Psychometrics’ professional staff are registered, and in good standing, with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. They are all required to fully adhere to Psychological ethics and best practice principles.
  • Under no circumstances does JvR Psychometrics sell, rent, distribute or release personal information to a third party, unless required to do so by the person him/herself or by law.

Consistent with this commitment to the privacy of personal information, our websites, namely:

have the following security safeguards. These include:

5.4.1 Restricted Access
Access to the assessments administration, scoring and reporting websites utilised by JvR Psychometrics are restricted to qualified users only and requires identifying personal and professional information as well as passwords to gain access. Identity is confirmed through rigorous processes that include test user agreement forms signed by the test administrator.

5.4.2 Data Security
All JvR Psychometrics data (including test user information, test data, item responses and reports) are encrypted and are stored in an industry standard database. Access to the data is strictly controlled. Backups of the data are kept in secure environments both on-and off site.

Tests are scored by separate secure and internationally based scoring servers controlled by various companies where advanced levels of security and protection are used. Once administered, the test reports are returned to JvR Psychometrics and the administrators by using encryption technology.

5.4.3 Personal Data and E-Commerce
JvR Psychometrics protects the personal data of our customers, the data of their clients and the data collected via any other electronic way, with the highest levels of security.

5.4.4 Conditions where data may have to be disclosed
In addition to transmitting certain personal data about you to our client, we may disclose personally identifiable information in the following situations: in response to a subpoena, court order or legal process, to the extent permitted and required by law; to protect your security or the security of other persons consistent with applicable law; in connection with a sale, joint venture or other transfer of some or all of the assets of JvR Psychometrics and the contracts we have; to organisations, including independent testing centres, who are working as our contractors or agents and who are committed or obliged to protect your privacy in a manner consistent with this Privacy Policy.

5.5. Changing or Correcting Information
To correct personal information that we have collected under this policy, please contact us at info@jvrafrica.co.za. To protect your privacy and security, we will take reasonable steps to verify your identity before amending any of your personal information in our databases.

5.7. JvR Online (JvRO’s) Terms of Use
For more detailed information, please refer to our Information Technology: Electronic Services and Websites.

5.7.1. Purpose of the JvR Online Assessment Portal
The JvR Online assessment portal provides appropriately qualified professionals with an online assessment service and it also provides test takers with a secure, professional and user friendly way of completing assessments electronically.

5.7.2. Privacy & Security In accordance with relevant legislation and best practice principles, all personal information (biographical information and assessment responses) is kept confidential and secure. Please note that personal information gathered during the assessment process will not be used for any marketing purposes and will not be made available to any third party under any circumstances other than with your written consent. The username and password details, created by the assessment taker during the registration process, will be sent to the email address they enter into the system.

5.7.3. Informed Consent
The assessment taker confirms that:

  • He/she understands the purpose of the assessment/s.
  • He/she willingly participates in the assessment process.
  • He/she will complete the assessment(s) with truth and honesty and to the best of his/her ability.
  • He/she will complete the assessment(s) without assistance from anyone other than the test administrator, who may only assist with administrative issues.
  • He/she understands that their results will only be sent to the qualified professional who requested this process.
  • He/she understands that information may be anonymously aggregated for statistical and research purposes.

5.8. Limitation of Liability

JvR Psychometrics assumes no liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the website or any part of the Site, or any damages from any viruses that may affect the functioning of your computer equipment or other property, business opportunities or relationships, or any other damages on account of you access to, lack of access to, use of, or downloading from the website.

JvR psychometrics assumes no liability or responsibility for financial, personal or other damage that may result from your lack of protection against unauthorised access to your password, computer and bank account details.

JvR Psychometrics, its affiliates or subcontractors involved in creating, producing or delivering this website shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, special or punitive damages for cost of procurement of substitute products or services, loss of profit, revenue, data, goodwill, or use incurred by you or any third party, arising out of, or connected with your access to, use or inability to use or delay in use of the website, any defect, omission, error, interruption, or virus, or any material, products or services obtained through this website, whether based on contract, tort, negligence, strict liability theories, or otherwise, even if JvR Psychometrics, its affiliates, business partners or subcontractors have been advised of the possibility of damages.

JvR Psychometrics may revise these Terms from time to time. Your continued use of the website following the posting of any changes to the Terms constitutes your acceptance of these changes and indicates that you agree to be bound by the updated Terms.

The use of this website is not permitted in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all the provisions of these Terms, including, without limitation, this paragraph.

The Terms will be governed by and construed under the laws of the Republic of South Africa. You consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the court in Johannesburg and waive any jurisdictional venue or inconvenient forum objections to such courts.

Any failure on JvR Psychometrics part to enforce any of its rights under the Terms or applicable laws shall not constitute a waiver of such right.

JvR Psychometrics may assign its rights and obligations under these Terms to a third party without the assignment being deemed to change these Terms, and without notice to you.

No joint venture, partnership, employment or agency relationship exists between you and JvR Psychometrics as a result of your use of the website.

JvR Psychometrics performance under these Terms is subject to existing laws and legal process. JvR Psychometrics will comply with law enforcement requests or requirements relating to your use of the website or information provided to, or gathered by, JvR Psychometrics with respect to such use.

If a court or arbitrator of competent jurisdiction finds any part of these terms to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, it will be requested to give effect to the intent reflected in that provision in a manner that most closely matches the intent of the original provision, and the remainder of the Terms shall continue in effect.

5.9. Entire Agreement and Counterparts

These Terms (including the Privacy Policy and Trademark Guidelines) constitute the entire agreement between you and JvR Psychometrics with respect to this website. They supersede all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral, or written between you and JvR Psychometrics with respect to the website. A printed version of these Terms and of any notice given in electronic form shall be admissible in judicial or administrative proceedings based upon or relating to these Terms to the same extent and subject to the same conditions as other business documents and records originally generated and maintained in printed form.

If you wish to cancel your account or request that we no longer use your information to provide you with services, please contact us with your proof of identity and a written and signed document. We will accommodate your request to the extent practical, and to the extent that it does not otherwise conflict any of our other obligations. We reserve the right to retain and use your information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, resolve disputes and enforce our agreements.

You may unsubscribe from receiving any JvR Psychometrics information or surveys. You may unsubscribe from receiving a newsletter by clicking on the unsubscribe link provided in the newsletter. You may also block cookies and pixel tags. Most browsers automatically accept cookies. You can instruct your browser, by editing its options, to stop accepting cookies, or prompt you before accepting a cookie from the site that you visit. If you decide not to accept our cookies, you will be able to access those parts of our website that are available to the general public, but you will not be able to access all Products and Services.

5.10. Resolution of Concerns

If you have questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or how we have handled personal data, please contact us at info@jvrafrica.co.za. If we are unable to satisfactorily address your concerns or if a dispute arises, JvR Psychometrics will cooperate with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) to resolve any complaints and disputes arising from the complaint.

5.11. Changes to Policies

We reserve the right to change the terms of all the Policies from time to time by posting an updated Policy. We encourage you to review our Policies periodically for any changes or updates. JvR Psychometrics may therefore at any time revise terms by updating our postings. By using our Websites, you agree to be bound by any such revisions and should periodically visit to determine the current terms to which you are bound.

Please Note
Refer to JvR Psychometrics: Terms of Business for more information on our Client Services scoring Service and client responsibilities.

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